Company Seals – Tips to Consider When Buying Embossing Seals

Company seals are small devices used by companies, in which documents are put to be embossed. The word “seal” also refers to the imprint made with an individual design on a material like paper, which shows or proves that it has come from a person / company claiming to have issued it. In other words, the document is certified by the company / issuer. This imprint may include features like name of company, logo, official address and other texts, where needed.

Company seals are also commonly referred to as embossing seals, corporate seals, embossers, embossing stamps and much more. What they all do is to create a visible imprint. You can even feel the imprint when you pass your hands on the material that you have embossed. That’s how different they are from normal ink stamps.

Are company seals necessary?
In some countries like Uganda, company seals are mandatory. But in other countries, they are optional. However, most companies opt to use them on legal documents for authentication purposes.

Companies use company seals on documents like agreements, minutes of the board of directors meetings, employment contracts, loan documents, bank accounts opening, membership certificates and other legal documents or commitments by the company.

Corporations adopt company seals and change them according to their need and upon the approval of the company directors. These seals are kept in secure places to avoid landing into the hands of wrong people, which may lead to legal repercussions and loss of money.

Who uses company seals?
Limited companies use them to emboss documents with their name and logo. Professionals like solicitors and notary publics use them to seal documents they have signed with their name. Anyone can use a company seal.

Of recent, in Uganda, there is an increasing number of schools that emboss students’ exam reports. They do this mainly to avoid forgery by the students.

What should you consider important when buying company seals?

♦ Shape

Company seals vary in design. The commonest design people use for seals is round. But there are square and rectangular designs. It all depends on what you prefer as per your taste.

♦ Font type

It’s important to select a font style that prints clearly on paper. It should be a style that does not cut paper due to sharpness of the characters.

♦ The price

Company seals are expensive. But prices vary depending on the brand of the device and the size. Prices also vary depending on where you buy it. Caution! You have to be careful not to make mistakes just because the price is low.

♦ The size

There are small-sized company seals as well as big ones. For instance, under the Shiny Brand, there are pocket seals, desk seals and heavy duty seals.

When using pocket seals, you hold the paper in one hand and the seal in the other to produce an impression on the paper. They are handy and portable. They normally come with a plastic case that makes it convenient to store and compact to carry. They are good for companies without much embossing work.

Desk seals are relatively bigger than pocket seals. To emboss a document, you place them on the desk. They are good for companies with much embossing work.

Heavy duty seals are the biggest. These, like desk seals, you put them on a desk to emboss a document. They are more durable than all the other sizes and good for too much embossing work.

♦ Security

Since people normally use company seals on legal documents, agreements and contracts, you should take precautionary measures not to land in legal issues that might lead to loss of money. That’s very important.

What should you do then?
Make your seal with a recognized seal maker. This is an established business that minds about its reputation. It’s a business that will never reproduce your seal without your approval. It’s a business that will design it with features that are hard for others to reproduce.

But most people commit this big mistake. In Uganda, there are street boys, who grab customers, claiming to be cutting seals. They get jobs from you, run to the seal maker who cuts it. They return to you with a finished product. When you pay them, they get commission. Where will you find again such a person? In case of anything, he is not liable.

♦ Quality

Good company seals are those that produce clear impressions. This depends on several factors. First, it depends on the quality of cutting, which depends on the equipment used to cut. Good cutting machines are computerized laser engravers.

Secondly, quality depends on the material one uses to cut the die. I’ve seen seals with dies cut from acrylic. This material is for other purposes like cutting labels. The best material for making seal dies is Delrin. But one can easily give you dies cut from acrylic. You’ll use such dies for one year. Thereafter, they stop producing good impressions.

Thirdly, quality depends on the design. It’s professionals who produce good designs. It’s not just cutting. It’s cutting to make a seal that will remain the same now and again.

Furthermore, quality depends on durability and rigidity. Seals reinforced with steel in their construction are durable.


If you are planning to make a seal for your company, get a seal maker that will give you what is value for your money. Generally, company seals are expensive worldwide. You should spend money on quality products. Besides, security is crucial!

Build Your Startup Business Infrastructure on a Budget

There are quite a few steps to take when building a business from the ground up. This article assumes you have already gained a basic knowledge of these steps and are at a point where you have some funding and you are ready to put the building blocks of your business in place. If you are not familiar with the basic steps to build a business, I encourage you to go check out the multitude of publications you can find on the web and then come back and revisit this article.

In most cases, it is paramount to build your business in steps, being very careful how you spend the precious funds that are available to you, regardless of the source of your capital. By now you should have a list of components that need to be put in place, such as the IT infrastructure, including but not limited to email accounts, a website, internal software systems (both “canned” packages as well as custom software) and more. On the creative side, you will need to decide on your branding (logo and color theme). Then most likely you will need business cards, brochures, letterhead, fliers, signage and the like.

Building a business in steps (or increments) can be done, but you need to look for the right talent. At the beginning, you will be much better off finding individuals that are competent in several different areas. The less resources you have to employ, in most cases, the lower your spending outlay will be. If one individual can perform the duties of six or eight people, your budgetary savings should be significant. Later on, when things are taking off, you can replace these multi-talented individuals with dedicated resources, as each duty will likely become a full-time job. Over-staffing too soon can put you out of business in a hurry or put undue pressure on your business to perform sooner than it is capable of.

Let’s turn the clock forward and assume your business is gaining traction. Let’s say your multi-talented individuals just helped you get your business off the ground and now you are going to replace them with employees dedicated to specific business segments, or departments. It will be painless to replace them because they will be expecting it. Why? Because you brought them in as contractors. You have a lot of flexibility with contractors. If it’s in your interest, and the contractor’s interest, you can propose a contract to hire arrangement. Then if things work out well, you could bring them in as part of your senior staff since they will have such a good understanding of your business. Or, they could simply move on. There are many advantages to using contractors in a case like this. If things are not moving as fast as you hoped, you can reduce the contractor’s hours to stay within your budget. You can cut them loose if they are not performing as expected. You will also save money because you will not be providing benefits, and in many cases, not providing a work-space for them.

Another smart move may be to secure certain essential services on an outsourced basis. These days, you can even outsource your human resource department. Outside services are becoming more popular these days. Such services take the worry out of keeping up with ever-changing legal requirements, minimizing the exposure to your brand new, fragile business. The cost is normally a lot less than in-house staffing for comparable services. A good service company will come with a guarantee (they will have an insurance policy) that protects your company should the service company fail to keep up with current legal requirements, unintentionally creating a liability for your company. It is not practical for in-house personnel to make such a guarantee. In that case your business is assuming the risks for your hired employees.

Four Ideas for Building a Successful Miniature Golf Course

If you have ever been to a miniature golf course in a tourist area, then you are probably familiar with pirate and dinosaur themes. Big structures help the business to look more appealing from the outside, converting passing traffic into customers. Even up close, the public is quickly bored with a flat series of holes on relatively level ground. Design flourishes can make the whole game more enjoyable.

Find Your Giant Windmill
It may seem like a cliché in the industry, but a giant windmill has always been a classic attraction. The blades rotate and momentarily block the path where putters need to aim. The obstacle adds the challenge of timing your stroke, and swinging too soon (or too late) results in laughter and frustration. Of course, your big feature doesn’t need to be a windmill. Think of something large and memorable, preferably with movement or some other unique challenge. This is your opportunity to make an impression on guests.

Small Bodies of Water
Some beginners design their courses around routine rectangles of AstroTurf. When players see this simple type of miniature golf course, they think of how they could do better themselves. Water obstacles are one easy way to make the whole setting more impressive. Consider having streams and small waterfalls incorporated into a couple of the holes. Needing to avoid (or jump over) a small stream can make the experience feel more like a day out on the links.

Ramps and Level Changes
When descending into a hole on a lower plane, a ball rapidly picks up speed. Slopes add all kinds of fun calculation and challenge to the relatively simple task of lining up a shot. Slopes can take a ball off course or even send it back to the person putting, providing added opportunities for displays of skill and finesse. When designing the layout for a putt-putt golf course, it’s critical to avoid being too simple. Playing at different elevations produces a more layered experience, and players at higher levels can enjoy a better view of lower sections to come.

Pipes and Transfer Tubes
There’s no point in pretending that putt-putt is as skilful or complicated a game as actual golf. To help give players a sense of levity, it’s often helpful to include challenges where the ball is funnelled into a chute, exiting closer to the destination. Pipes of PCV can be incorporated during the construction phase, big enough to accommodate balls and straight enough to clean in case of blockage. For even more fun, give the players a choice of their initial openings; they can guess which one will put them in the best position for a final shot.

When you are designing a miniature golf course, there are clearly a lot of factors to keep in mind. It’s also a great idea to decide on a primary theme or gimmick. Pirate and safari themes are common, but a theme isn’t enough on its own. Remember these tips so that your guests will have a fun time.

Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts About Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Wireless technology is getting a wild card entry in our lives and perhaps it is the most talked about and desired technology by many offices and organizations. However, when it comes to temperature monitoring it is something about which industries are slightly doubtful. Some of the most recurrent doubts are as follows.

• It requires extra cost.
• It’s difficult to setup and use
• Its info sharing is not as fluent as wired systems
• It requires being in close premises for better connectivity
• Wireless networks are less secure

In the above points, there are many issues which are present in wireless technology but resolving them is very much possible. Also, many points depend upon the situation and place to place environmental conditions.

As far as the cost factor is a concern the cost of any wireless temperature monitoring product depends upon the type of work and features it serves. This point also implies on wired temperature monitoring their prices also vary according to the features they provide.

Coming down to the setup part these devices are the ones which are accessible by anyone who has an internet setup in his home. These setups are not only easy to use but also they are accessible from almost anywhere.

Its info sharing is often fluent up to a certain radius after that, there might be a problem but for that reason, these devices are equipped with features like SMS triggering systems which alarms the connected person in case of any emergency. Along with SMS e-mails and buzzing alarms are additional alarming measures to overcome the odds. Also, this is also very important to consider that in places and jobs like a blood bank, cold storages, freezers, pharmacies, cold chain transport vehicles there is not a chance that a full-time executive is not available. Which is why being out of radius (for a weak signal excuse) is not at all possible.

However, there might be a chance that in-charge is out of range for a break. in such cases it is good to ask a person to be present during that period. Any good wireless monitoring system allows pairing multiple devices.

Sharing the information is as good as anything in these devices. They allow their users to input various timings and presets to save. These devices are equipped with sufficient storage space to ensure proper saving of minutes. Including detailed temperature, humidity, changes all available in the form of charts PDF and excel format. You can easily check these reports any time by logging in your credentials on the internet. Most importantly, these reports are mostly available on reading only access on servers ensuring data security and accuracy at the same time. Furthermore, the security feature enhances due to the password protection which of course is a very effective measure in wired temperature monitoring systems as well.

There are many issues from which wired systems were dealing with portability, troubleshooting problems, power backup etc. Also, when it comes to troubleshooting it was extremely hard to do so as wires used to make things complicated like anything. Coming down to cost part there are times when the internal wiring damages happen in a WAN or LAN internet service. During this period maximum effort costs and manpower is wasted to get the things right. Fewer wires mean fewer costs and complications.

Unwired devices come up with internal power backup with no additional setups. Once charged they can work for long and continuous hours. Wireless temperature monitoring proves many times more promising than any of its competitors due to above reasons only. Any organization can overcome the so-called problem with these devices well if it consumes their features up to the fullest.

Obtaining Ariel Views For Marketing Or For Business Decisions

Hiring a professional to complete drone photography for you is a great idea! You can use the images they capture for marketing or for business decisions. Ariel views offer a new prospective that you and your customers don’t get when you are looking at the place directly. Seeing it from a new angle can make a world of difference.


It is important to have effective and creative marketing for your business. With the images from drone photography, it is possible for you to do just that. You can give something refreshing that gets the attention of your niche market. When there is something about that marketing method that reels them in, they are more likely to make a buy.

When you successfully market your business, you get an edge on your competitors. Don’t focus on just trying to prove you have a better product or service. Some of your marketing should be on diversifying the methods you use to reach your niche market. The connection you make with them can influence buying decisions.


You may have to give details for an inspection to be completed. However, some areas are harder to complete such a task depending on place or other factors. With the ability to use drone photography, it is possible to gather the information needed. Yet it won’t disturb the area and it won’t create a safety issue for anyone. This helps projects continue moving forward.


Business decisions are often based on the results from survey information. Yet that information has to be credible in order for it to offer you value. Basing business decisions upon survey results obtained through drone photography is a great option. It allows you to view the information and to see first-hand certain elements that will help you to make reasonable business decisions.


Ariel views can help you with mapping for future business growth and decisions. It can help you to develop ideas and bringing them to life. It can help you to pitch your idea to the group and to get them on board with it. Such mapping is a great way to see growth and changes that can benefit your business for the long haul thanks to drone photography.

Construction projects can also benefit from mapping. You may have to think about what barriers would be in the way or what would need to be cleared away. It is better to understand what the possible concerns will be and create a play to offset them than to dive in and then have extra costs and delays for the construction project.

Finding a Provider

While there are unlimited benefits from drone photography, what you can gain from it depends on who you hire. You don’t want to cut corners with this or the value won’t be there. Find a provider who you can share your needs with. Based on that information, they can tell you what they offer that would help you to do your goals.

They may need to ask you for further information before they can come to the option phase. There may be elements of the process you didn’t think about. Don’t worry though, they are the experts and they will help you to navigate through all of it.

Only consider hiring those experts with a proven record of taking excellent images and meeting consumer needs. They should be able to deliver a high level of professionalism from start to finish. You also need to find out when they can complete the work and the cost. All of this information can help you to make the best possible decision.